Sorry, been busy.

Posted by Jajo83569 on September 21, 2015 at 4:20 PM

I'm sorry that I have not posted  anything. I was really busy. School has gotten harder, so it's a bit difficult fitting time to work on my maps.  I have however, managed to finish the tradesman's trades/deals! Displayed are all the diamond weapons. Also, a pack of 64 snoqballs you can buy at the shop for 3 poppys. There are 3 bows, the one here is the best one, having 100 of every good bow enchantment. Theres a bit of hardtack, 10 bread. There are 5 healing potions, the one here gives you speed 3, jump boost, instant health lvl 40, health boost and absorbtion 100 and all that good stuff. It costs 2 emerald blocks per bottle. The wolf and creepers are both 1 nether star. The wooden sword is bug spray, having lvl 127 Bane of anthropods.

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